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Helene Jansen

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BACKGROUND: Art Management / Psychology

Hi! My name is Helene, Applied Psychology student and living in Tilburg.
I love good conversation, music, art, fitness & yoga. I would love to show you around a city in Brabant or we can do a session in a museum, library, cafe, you name it!
Also I’m open to working with children and/or parents.

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2 reviews for Helene Jansen

  1. gyles.hawkins (verified owner)

    Another great lesson with Helene, with a lot of work on the sort of conversational Dutch I need to develop. I’m very well able to get by in shops of lunchen met de schoonoudersrs, so a free-flowing discussion where I have to improvise and get out of my comfort zone is great.

  2. gyles.hawkins (verified owner)

    I greatly enjoyed my first session with Helene. She kept things lively and interesting and I am already looking forward to the next lesson. I have a mild case of auditory processing disorder which makes long or complicated spoken explanations difficult to follow. I don’t normally have an issue with this in English, but I have found being taught Dutch in a normal class format with explanations being almost exclusively in Dutch quite hard. Helene speaks excellent English and her willingness to explain something in English (if needed) is very useful.

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