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BACKGROUND: Political Scientist / International Affairs

Are you an absolute beginner or do you speak a little bit of Dutch? Let me help you learn to speak this difficult language better. We practice from the book, but also from the news or events or experiences from your life.

My background
As a teacher of Dutch as a Second Language I have extensive experience in guiding individual students of different levels and with different language backgrounds. I speak Dutch in class at an early stage, so that you quickly become familiar with the language.

My hobbies:
• cycling and walking in and around Amsterdam
• reading novels, graphic novels and non-fiction books. My favorite topics:
– Dutch colonial past
– picture books. I am a big fan of the late illustrator Miroslav Sasek

I look forward to working with you.

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6 reviews for Hans Haijtema

  1. trentacoleman (verified owner)

    Hans has been a great teacher and has provided me with a fantastic introduction to Dutch. He quickly understands your level, customises lessons as you progress and is a really nice guy!
    Thanks Hans!

  2. Alin (verified owner)

    Hans is a very good teacher. He is structured, prepares individual lessons according to your needs and knowledge and if necessary extra material just for you. During the lessons, he is very encouraging, pays attention to your pronunciation, answers your questions and gives you constant feedback. Also, he uses a nice mixture of textbook teaching and applying your knowledge to practical situations. In addition, he is calm and patient, which makes you feel alright while learning the language, even if you make mistakes. I can totally recommend him as your Dutch teacher.

  3. alvar.fernandez (verified owner)

    Hans is a great and dedicated teacher. He is the best one I ever had for language learning. He took the time to find things I like and created personalized lessons for each meeting. On top of that he is very accommodating to my scheduling needs. A friendly and knowledgeable person, he is s great option for people starting with Dutch and wanting to learn both conversation skills and grammar. All done naturally and with a total immersion style. I look forward to keep working with him on improving my Dutch. And you should too!

  4. Freddie (verified owner)

    We are really enjoying our sessions with Hans! We have learned a lot, starting from a complete beginner level, and he has been patient and encouraging every step of the way, while also pushing us with relevant practice and conversation in Dutch. Thanks for helping us to feel more at home in Amsterdam, Hans!

  5. andrea (verified owner)

    Excellent tutor! I had 8 sessions of 1,5h e/o, and I enjoyed them and of course I learned a lot. During the sessions we follow lessons of grammar, conversation skills and also we practice the material for my test (ImburgeringExamen and Nederlands A1). Hans was very patient and helpful with my process and I have to say I learned a lot. I could improve a lot with my pronunciation and knowledge of the Dutch language, and we also talk about the Dutch culture. I really recommend him.
    Thanks Hans!

  6. tolnayagi (verified owner)

    Hans is a very good teacher, I strongly recommend him. We had a half year session with 2 times 3 hours lessons per week which was very efficient. He was always prepared, looked after things I asked during our sessions and explained everything patiently.
    He was never late and was very flexible with setting up the appointments.
    He is friendly and communicative, it was easy to work with him.
    We covered the materials for the NT2 B1 exam and once I would like to improve my knowledge to the B2 level I will definitely ask Hans to help me.

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