Esther Verkaik

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BACKGROUND: Cinematographer / Mandarin

Hi, hello there! My name is Esther. I live in Amsterdam Noord.
2,5 years ago I came back to live again in the Netherlands. Since 2002 I have been living in Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong and Medellin. No need to say that I love traveling, exploring a new culture and learning a language.
Through living abroad I found out that learning a language in a practical way, there where you really want and have to use it, is the best way. It is the easiest, fastest and most fun way.

I have a passion for dancing, my free time goes to solo and partner dances.
I also love all kinds of arts and water sports.

My profession has everything to do with filming and being creative.
I could actually help you with making a nice video portrait presentation in Dutch.

I am very interested in meeting new people, to know a bit more about their life!
Would be lovely to meet you soon!

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2 reviews for Esther Verkaik

  1. alinemgayou (verified owner)

    Dear Flowently team: Since I started using Flowently to improve my Dutch, I was impressed about your company. I’ve never experienced that learning a language could be so simple, fun and affordable. Thx!

  2. alinemgayou (verified owner)

    I enjoy practicing my Dutch with Esther. She is very open, patient and good at teaching. After two lessons I can already see an improvement in my conversation skills.

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