Elsmarie Beukenboom

Hi, I am Elsmarie. Born and raised on Bonaire.
I am proud of my island as well as our language Papiamentu. Therefor I would like to help non-natives (non-papiamentu speakers) learn to speak it. As past director of tourism and of the national parks foundation combined with being native Bonerian, we can talk about lots of topics and have fun while I will be teaching you to speak dushi Papiamentu. We can do that while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea or water in a café, strolling down town enjoying the local architecture and nature.
My hobbies are planting, birding, cooking, scuba diving, snorkeling and nature walks.
I am a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca NY. There I attended The Hotel School. I have two grown children, one grandson and recently retired.

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