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Elsje Margriet van der Heijden

BACKGROUND: Master 'Pedagogical Sciences'

Hi there, my name is Elsje Margriet.

Although it was my love for the Dutch language that led me to Flowently, I too have some experience in living abroad. A couple of years ago, I spent a month in Spain to learn Spanish. I quickly noticed how difficult it was to transfer what I was taught during my classes to real life situations. I can imagine you are having similar problems. I would love to help you learn our beautiful language or about our history and culture. Let me know what you want you want to learn and let’s get started!

Three things you do not know about me:
– Named all the pets I ever had after fictional characters.
– I enjoy ballroom dancing, but social Latin is the best.
– Born and raised in Enschede, so I know all the fun places to be.

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