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Danee Gijse

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Hi there! I'm Danee and I like to make learning fun by using creative ways to teach a language, get to know new people, and cultures. When I'm not working or studying, I like to go outside, do sports or meet up with friends and family. As I travel a lot I know how hard, but also very rewarding, it can be to speak another language. My goal is to make you feel comfortable speaking Dutch in everyday-situations, so that you're going to enjoy practicing it. I'm very patient and always up for a new challenge! So, do you want to take up this challenge with me?

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1 review for Danee Gijse

  1. KTValera (verified owner)

    The sessions were structured yet relaxed and informative yet fun. Thanks to Danee, I am now more confident in speaking Dutch during my daily activities.

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