Ben Ziskoven

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BACKGROUND: International Business Administration

Hi there,
We will make language learning fun! I have a passion for it and that’s why I speak five languages. I know what it will take you to conquer a language! Het wordt gezellig!

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2 reviews for Ben Ziskoven

  1. podiatra.pedromborges (verified owner)

    Ben is very helpful and smart. He´s ideas and ways help the student feel more confortable, as well as facing the laguage not as an obstacle, but as a playground. He´s inovative, which helps the student found new ways to feel interested and attentive. He´s background in business also allows the student to pick up new techniques, that helps to create structure within the learning process. I highly recomend the experience and his teachings!

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Ben is very friendly, patient and helpful! He is helping me with my conversational dutch, and the sessions are going very well. Ben will carefully explain concepts used in every day dutch, or business situations and this has really helped me build my vocabulary! we have done a few sessions and I will definitely continue! Highly recommended!

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