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Antoinetta Verschoor

BACKGROUND: Art Historian

To shortly introduce myself: I’m Antoinetta, living in Heemstede & Amsterdam, an art- & architectural- & cultural historian, speaking fluently Dutch & English & French, understanding & speaking basic German & Spanish.
Love travelling, diving, skiing, paragliding, playing tennis, old & new art in all it’s forms & meeting new people & old friends.
To learn Dutch is not only a matter of speaking it grammatically ‘right’, but (maybe even more) about understanding & integrating into the Dutch way of life, how & why we do things the way we do, why & when we speak our mind & when not. What to say when you meet (new) friends & what not. What our sense of good humour is. Learning to speak Dutch involves also learning about our culture, history, politics, way of life, art. 
I’d love to show you all of the above, while teaching you the Dutch verbs and pronouns with the right adjectives. Preferably IRL situations & activities, because that’s the way you’ll learn to speak Dutch faster & easier. The Flowently way. 

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