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Annemarie Avezaat

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BACKGROUND: Translator English/Italian to Dutch

Hi, I’m Annemarie. After graduating for both Romance Languages & Cultures (BA) and International & European Law (LLB) in 2015, I started working as a tutor and then as a translator. I studied and worked abroad, so I can relate to struggles you may have with a new language and culture. I believe knowing the language of the country you reside in can make a huge difference in the way you experience it and it helps to connect with locals.

3 things you didn’t know about me:

1. I have lived in Bologna, Italy for half a year and in Budapest, Hungary for a whole year.
2. I’m Frisian. I understand the language, but I can’t express myself in it.
3. I play chess and I am an official chess trainer.

It would be my pleasure to teach you Dutch and guide you through life in Groningen!

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2 reviews for Annemarie Avezaat

  1. Rita

    I am so glad that Annemarie praised my little effort. Dutch classes are going good, Annemarie is a wonderful teacher.

  2. Sarah Hazel Dela Rosa (verified owner)

    She is a really good teacher. I pick up lessons quickly because she explains it well and articulately.

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