Anneke Munnik

BACKGROUND: Journalism, customs & culture, editing

Dear expats,
In my work and private life, I’ve met many people who had or wanted to bridge cultural differences. This is inevitable, because the Netherlands is now populated by people from all over the world. They enrich our culture with their ideas, eating habits and traditions. In the meantime, it is a real challenge for them to feel at home here. Mutual understanding makes it a lot easier for internationals, and you need language for that.
The Dutch language is quite difficult and often inconsistent. With Flowently you will learn funny Dutch expressions with which you can break the ice. You can learn this in a daily life context, that will make it easier to remember.
Culture and customs can differ from country to country. In the same way, the way of expressing yourself can vary a lot. I like to help people learn to speak Dutch in a natural way: practical and also playful.
Furthermore: I play the piano, read a lot and know about spirituality. I paint and I am interested in all kinds of handcrafts. I’ll gladly accompany you to all kinds of events, shops, markets, museums or parks. Meet you there!

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