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Angus Mackenzie

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BACKGROUND: Law, Executive Search and Recruitment

I am CELTA trained and an experienced Business English and Career Coach who calls on both my background as well as my history of successful business establishment to help individuals develop business language skills that result in powerful, precise and effective communication.

I will give you the undivided attention, personalised learning and complete focus that helps you make the most rapid progress and develop total confidence in your abilities.

Whether you’re trying to learn Business English, or honing specific areas of your English-speaking practice, fully collaborative working is essential to achieving the most from your learning. I make sure you get the benefit of coaching and ‘sparring’ – intensive one-to-one language work that supplies you with all the cultural, social and business idioms and nuances to use your new language skills correctly, in appropriate situations and with sensitivity to context. You will learn from a native speaker with experience in business over many years.

Above all, I help make your Business English language come alive! In other words, you grow not just in language but also in your 360 degree understanding of the business world in which you operate.

*************“Better Business English, whatever your business”**************

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1 review for Angus Mackenzie

  1. Malu

    I was looking for a native speaker teacher who could be able to help leverage my creative English writing skills. After going through Angus Mackenzie’s profile on the website of Flowently, I was confident that he would correspond to my goals given his amazing expertise and curriculum vitae. He not just succeeded my expectations but went far beyond. He is very knowledgeable and wise and through our wonderful exchanges, I really felt an improvement towards my writing process. He not only has a very good teaching method but also, importantly, was the way in which he would let me be comfortable to choose the course of the classes.

    We had lessons together for three months. The only reason that made me stop having tutelage with Angus was because of his moving to Spain. Otherwise I would have certainly carried on! I can strongly recommend his work!

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