Andjalie Panday

BACKGROUND: Fashion, Business Management & Marketing

Hey! My name is Andjalie, born and raised in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. As someone who lived abroad as well, I hope to help you with your journey here in the Netherlands.

I’ve always loved meeting and working with people from different backgrounds, which is why I studied International Business and Management. This study allowed me to study abroad in NYC and spend time with people from all over the world during class. My school was focused on creating innovative business models and understanding all aspects of doing business. I specialized in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

In my free time I enjoy music, I love going to concerts or to a nice party with my friends and family. Besides that, I enjoy learning more about the fashion industry, particularly about how it could be more sustainable.

I hope I can teach you more about the Dutch language and how to have fun learning it!

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