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Adriaan Kruis

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BACKGROUND: Language teacher, translator and interpreter.

Hi, my name is Adriaan. I am a Dutch native speaker in love with Spain. I live in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. I am a professional teacher, translator and interpreter. But don’t be afraid, I have a good sense of humor. Language can be fun, why not? Just think about these words in Dutch: “stofzuiger”, “wc-bril” or “ijskast” and you will find out that language can be funny. It’s my challenge to teach this surprising language to real beginners in 15 lessons of one hour and prepare them to jump into real Dutch life. I also prepare students for their NT2 test. Many students have already passed their exams. I have given over 600 lessons on Flowently but I still feel the passion in every lesson and with each new student. When I am not working I like to go for a walk on the beach, to watch an interesting football match or to teach Dutch to my Spanish granddaughter.

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8 reviews for Adriaan Kruis

  1. Jennifer_estalilla (verified owner)

    Adriaan is a great teacher. He is very patient with me. I was able to pass my inburgering exams last year because of his help. As long as you are very direct with what your goals are in learning the Dutch language, he will see to it that you will achieve your goals. His practical tips are very helpful especially for an expat like me. He is sensitive with the urgency of my needs to learn the language. I highly recommend Adriaan as a teacher.

  2. Aseem (verified owner)

    Adriaan is an awesome teacher! He made learning Dutch so much fun! He has a fantastic sense of humor and sessions with him feel like conversations with a good friend. He inspired a lot of confidence in me to speak Dutch. I easily passed my inburgering exams, and that too with just 3 months of preparation with him. I don’t think its easy to find another teacher like him. Thanks a lot Adriaan!

  3. federico.iavarone (verified owner)

    Adriaan is a great teacher, an hour with him flies while you learn Dutch. You see very soon the results in your daily “dutch” life. I began with Adriaan not as total beginner in Dutch, but before lessons with him I was speaking only English here in the Netherlands. After 6 hours I have been able to break the barrier and now I speak and stick to Dutch in my daily life; of course still now with a lot of errors, but that’s why I plan to take still a bunch of lessons with. Really cannot suggest anyone better.

  4. basakbb (verified owner)

    Adriaan is a great teacher who perfectly adjusts the lessons to your needs and also makes it fun to learn. I am so sorry that I had to give a break to the lessons because I moved to Japan. Looking forward to learn Dutch with him again.

  5. Annalisa (verified owner)

    Adriaan is the perfect tutor! Very cheerful person always with a smile on his face, he has a good sense of humor and a really good attitude towards teaching. He knows how to meet your learning needs.
    Dankjeweel Adriaan! 🙂

  6. annielever8 (verified owner)

    Patient, positive, prepared and clearly delivered. Thanks Adriaan and thanks Flowently for advising the best tutor for my goals.

  7. annielever8 (verified owner)

    Thanks for a good first session.

  8. Stephen

    I had my first lesson with Adriaan today and it was absolutely fantastic.
    I was exhausted afterwards and felt we had covered so much in one hour; yet I was frustrated because I felt I hadn’t understood everything.
    Flowently has chosen the perfect tutor for me; the vibes are great and we can switch from German to English to Spanish and of course Dutch..
    He is extremely encouraging and very gentle in correcting me and dealing with my inadequacies.

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