General Terms and Conditions for Private Training and Education

For consumers for private training and education Flowently applies the terms and conditions of the NRTO; Algemene Voorwaarden voor Particulier Onderwijs en Opleidingen van de NRTO. You can download this here , available in English.

Voor consumenten(particulieren) hanteert Flowently de Algemene Voorwaarden voor Particulier Onderwijs en Opleidingen van de NRTO. Deze zijn hier te downloaden.

Het NRTO-keurmerk: erkenning voor kwaliteit en professionaliteit
Flowently bezit het NRTO-keurmerk. Dit keurmerk is de erkenning voor kwaliteit en professionaliteit in de private opleidingsbranche. Door het NRTO-keurmerk kunnen klanten ervan uitgaan dat Flowently voldoet aan hoge kwaliteitseisen op het gebied van transparantie over producten en diensten, adequate dienstverlening, professionele omgang met klanten en deskundigheid van het personeel. Een onafhankelijke, externe certificerende instelling toetst of een aanbieder aan de kwaliteitseisen voldoet. Het NRTO-keurmerk wordt afgegeven door de Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding (NRTO), de branchevereniging voor private opleiders. Zie voor meer informatie www.nrto.nl/keurmerk

For consumers (private individuals), Flowently applies the NRTO’s General Conditions
for Private Education and Training.
These can be downloaded here.
Flowently conforms to the NRTO’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the NRTO Code of Conduct for Consumers. The NRTO quality mark: recognition for quality and professionalism. Flowently has obtained the NRTO quality mark. This hallmark is a recognition for quality and professionalism in the private training sector. The NRTO quality mark guarantees a high quality standards in terms of transparacy regarding products and services, adequate service provision, professional contact with customers and expertise of staff. As a result, this is what customers can expect from Flowently and its services. An independent third party certification body assesses whether a supplier meets the quality requirements. The NRTO quality mark is then issued by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO), the trade association for private trainers. For more information, see www.nrto.nl/keurmerk

Online terms & conditions for Flowently & In-Company Training


Office address: Azartplein 79, 1019 PB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)85 8883 012
Website: www.flowently.com
E­mail address: info@flowently.com
Company registration Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam 34149671


Our terms and conditions apply exclusively to our clients that are registered on our website www.flowently.com. This rule can only be by­passed by an explicit agreement signed by both parties.


Client can sign up on the Flowently website and buy a session or a package of sessions and can online book a session of choice with a tutor of choice. The client registers for the 1, 1,5 hour session or a package of sessions by clicking the button ‘booking’. By confirming the booking, the client commits his or herself to following the session, subject to cancellation rights in article 4, CANCELLATION. As soon as Flowently receives the booking, it will send the client a confirmation e-­mail with a description of the session and the e-­mail address of the chosen tutor. From here the client and the tutor will communicate and decide together the exact location, time and language goal for the session.


The client has the right to cancel a reservation without cost until 24 hours before a session. The amount paid for the session will be returned to client. Past this period, or when the session has already started, cancellation is no longer possible, and Flowently will not refund the amount paid for the session. Packages cannot be cancelled, see article 11. Complaints can be sent to Flowently, Azartplein 79, 1019 PB, Amsterdam.

A tutor can cancel a session until 24 hours before a session in exceptional cases only and upon consultation with Flowently and the client. Flowently and the tutor will try to find a solution with the client. When no solution can be found, Flowently will refund the amount paid for the session to the client.


A Flowently session will last 60 or 90, 120 or 180 minutes. Special longer sessions, different types of sessions taking place at different (public) locations, are possible when agreed upon by both client and tutor. Flowently provides language training, conversational language training and culture training, any requests beyond this purpose will never be accepted.


Flowently tutors are university/HBO students and professionals who are well trained in the Flowently method to help client improve his/her language skills. Availability of tutors per city and per week is shown on the website or can be communicated and decided between client and tutor. In case no tutor is available for more than 20 weeks in the place where client normally has his/her Flowently live sessions and when Skype is not an option, Flowently will refund the money for the total package to client. Flowently tutors are never exclusive, money is never refunded when a specific tutor is unavailable.


The price of the sessions does not include any educational material that client might want to use during the sessions. The prices indicated on the Flowently website are VAT included, except for companies and sessions that are not subject to added value taxation.


Clients can start their sessions after their online purchase. All packages must be used within a year. Flowently will not refund any money if a client decides not to use this package for whatever reason. Packages are personal and cannot be transferred to another person.


The educational material published and supplied by Flowently is subject to author’s rights and cannot be used or duplicated for commercial purposes, even partially, without prior written authorization by Flowently.


Flowently rejects any liability for non or faulty accessibility of its website. The website www.flowently.com may indicate websites of third parties. Flowently will in no way be made responsible for the content of those sites and the accuracy of the information they contain.


Flowently sessions can only be booked via the Flowently website or via direct contact with Flowently, Azartplein 79, 1019 PB, Amsterdam, by e-mail info@flowently.com or by telephone +31 (0)85 8883 012. According to the agreement, tutor is not allowed to organize sessions with clients without notifying Flowently.

Flowently rejects any liability for the non-achievement of client’s learning objectives. Flowently is only bound by an obligation of effort in this matter. Flowently also rejects any liability for any loss, theft or damage to objects that clients bring to sessions or where sessions take place. Flowently controls the quality of the sessions by an evaluation system, for the client; ‘evaluate your progress’. Five minutes after each session, clients will automatically receive an email with the request to evaluate the session. Flowently will use this information to monitor quality and in order to trace questions and solve problems. Reviews can be posted on the tutors profile.


Client information will be filed in the internal files of Flowently in conformity with legal provisions, in order to inform clients about future sessions and special news that might be of interest to them. Clients who prefer not to be informed, are requested to communicate this to Flowently by e-mail info@flowently.com


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a proven service, a person or a product. The starting point of Flowently’s complaints procedure will be that students are treated in a correct manner. Complaints will be handled with care and in accordance with the procedure set out below.

  1. The complaint must be submitted to Flowently in writing. The complaint can relate both to tutors and trainers working for Flowently as to conduct / statements expressed by third parties who perform services for the benefit of Flowently.
  2. The complainant receives written confirmation of the submitted complaint within 7 working days. The complaint statement and its confirmation include: the date of the conduct and / or statements in question and the date(s) to which the complaint relates as well as a short description of the facts to which the complaint relates.
  3. The complaint will not be taken into consideration if the conduct and / or statements have taken place more than one year before the submission of the complaint.
  4. If the complaint is not considered, the complainant will be notified in writing within 4 weeks of receipt of the complaint.
  5. Complaints are handled by the director of Flowently. If the complaint concerns her, the complaint will be dealt with by another person / party to be determined.
  6. Both parties (the complainant and the person to whom the complaint relates) are given the opportunity to be heard. In both cases, a written report is made of this occurrence. This report is sent to both the complainant and the person to whom the complaint relates.
  7. The complaint will be dealt with within 4 weeks of the submission.
  8. The complainant will be informed of the findings of the investigation into the complaint and of any further measures that have been or will be taken as a result of the findings.
  9. Flowently is responsible for registration of the number of complaints filed, registration of the nature of the submitted complaints, as well as of the measures taken in response to the submitted complaints.
  10. If both parties do not agree with each other, the submitter is referred to NRTO (Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding).

Any disputes resulting from or relating to execution of this agreement will be settled by the competent judge
of the Amsterdam region. Dutch law applies to all judical actions with or by Flowently.