Our Team

Meet our team of  associate partners & in-company trainers

Anja Vreeburg

Founder-Director of Flowently

Hello, my name is Anja and I am the founder-director of Flowently. I am very proud of our great team of Tutors, In-Company Trainers and Associate Partners, creating this exceptional platform together. Flowently is not only about learning Dutch or another language, but also about feeling home and getting around in your new language and country naturally. We are thrilled to help you improve your language skills!

Maarten Stal

Cultural Awareness Workshops

I’m Maarten Stal and I’m developing and giving Cultural Awareness workshops for Flowently. These workshops are aimed at “Getting in Touch with the Dutch”. Understanding Dutch culture, values and typical behavior. Both at work or in social environments. The workshops can be given individually, in small groups or for larger teams. Upon request we can also develop country-specific and in-house workshops.

Man-Ri van den Ham

In-Company Trainer Dutch & Cultural Workshops

I’m Man-Ri van den Ham and I’m working as a in-company language and cultural awareness trainer for Flowently. During my studies I developed a special interest in the historical development of the Dutch, Polish and Russian manners and mentality in comparison with those of other European countries. For Flowently I’m offering the workshops ‘How to deal with the Dutch’, ‘How to deal with the Poles’ and ‘How to deal with the Russians.’

Juulke Lecluse

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Juulke and I’m an enthusiastic Dutch tutor, and I give in-company trainings and private lessons for Flowently. Languages are simply my passion and I’m excited to inspire you and share with you all my knowledge about the beautiful Dutch language and culture to help you integrate even better! Moreover, I’m interested in culture, society and travelling.

Casimir Bomans

In-Company Trainer Dutch

Hello, my name is Casimir Bomans and I work as an in-company language trainer for Flowently. I have studied Dutch language & culture at the University of Amsterdam. During my study I’ve developed a special interest in language change and variation, both in a historical and a contemporary framework.

Engelina Muller

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Engelina Muller and I’m working as a in-company language trainer for Flowently. I especially like to see how language learners slowly but surely start to speak Dutch better and better. I deliver the new language knowledge in small packages. Each package helps you to speak the language with more pleasure and more confidence.

Dyonne Angenent

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Dyonne Angenent and I work for Flowently as an in-company language trainer. My lessons are focused on practical situations, so that you will learn useful Dutch. In an informal atmosphere it is my pleasure to help you achieve the required level of Dutch.

Martijn van der Veen

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Martijn van der Veen and I’m working as an in-company language trainer for Flowently. By profession actor/theatremaker/writer, I have always been fascinated by language and how it manifests itself in our everyday life. For Flowently I offer language workshop for larger groups at Uber next to the personal one on one Flowently approach.

Lucretia Prade

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Lucretia Prade and I work as an incompany language teacher at Flowently. I have always had a love for language and people and teaching Dutch is a great way to combine the two. It gives me great satisfaction to help people master a language foreign to them.

Wilma van Dam

In-Company Trainer Dutch & English

Hi, I’m Wilma van Dam and I’m an in-company teacher for Flowently.  I am educated as an English teacher and am a certified teacher of Dutch to non-native speakers. I worked abroad for many years for international companies.  I enjoy working with people of various cultures and nationalities.

Teun Janssen

In-Company Trainer Dutch

I’m Teun Janssen and I’m working as an incompany language trainer for Flowently. I’m a student of History and European Affairs at the College of Europe and have a special interest in the construction of universal discourse ethics through cultural and language interaction. I am a flexible, empathetic person and incorporate humour and contemporary events in my lessons.

Loredana Guglielmi

Marketing Specialist

My name is Loredana Guglielmi. I’ve been a Tutor with Flowently for a while now. I like to put other Tutors in the spotlight and show people what a great team we have!

Rob Lassche

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Rob Lassche and I work for Flowently as an in-company teacher. My area of study is Latin American culture and history, as well as the Portuguese and Spanish language, so I am very interested in cultural and linguistic differences in the world.

Susanne de Bock

In-Company Trainer Dutch

My name is Susanne, I live in Amsterdam and I’ve been working as a Dutch language teacher over 10 years. My teaching style is interactive and playful with a good sense of humor.


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