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Kids sessions

Help your child feel happy! Moving to another country with a family is a huge step. All family members will have to get used to  the new reality. For kids this is not always easy. Language is an important tool that can help your child reinvent her or himself. In a playful way Flowently will boost your child’s confidence. Kids sessions are available in multiple languages.


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About our Kids sessions

Can your child use a helping hand to learn Dutch or to feel confident to make Dutch ‘vriendjes en vriendinnetjes’? With Flowently your child will learn Dutch in a playful way. For the small one’s we will introduce aapje Jaapje / monkey Jacob, who speaks only Dutch. Our tutor will connect to your child’s world and use interactive games for teaching Dutch. In addition, we use modern (online) study methods, to be sure your child will develop the required level of Dutch. We will create a customised program for your child.

Children sessions at your home

Sessions always start with a free intake. We want to learn about your child and tell you about our method, so that we can find a good match for your child. Especially for children it is important to aim for a long term relationship with one and the same tutor. The children’s sessions take place at your home and are available for children from 1 – 16 years old for learning Dutch and other languages. If possible and appreciated we would want to cooperate with the school your child attends. We ask parents to take care of certain play and study materials, the tutor will need for the sessions. Sessions will be tailored to your child’s age and needs.

At the playground and other spots

Once our tutor and your child got to know each other well, they can make little trips to a playground, shop, library or museum. Your child will learn to interact and communicate with other kids and adults in the new language with the gentle guidance of our tutor. You are welcome to join of course.

Online sessions for kids

Flowently offers online sessions for children of all ages. This has proven to be very useful for kids and help them integrate more pleasantly, once they arrive in their new country.

Available sessions

We connect to your child’s interests and will use this motivation to learn Dutch. Available for all ages.

Kids sessions for 1*

  • 1 hour session
1 credit
  • 1,5 hour session
1,5 credits
  • 2 hour session
2 credits
  • 3 hour session
3 credits

*Bring your friend and get a discounted rate!

See our reviews


‘Iris is a very sweet and prepared girl, she gave Dutch lessons to my 12 year old girl with excellent results, we also had support with contacts with the school and an interest from the owner of Flowently who followed us in all the steps, highly recommend.’


‘Jamila is a very lively teacher, who is very caring and enthusiastic with kids and teaching. My son had several sessions with her before he starts a Dutch school. He was first scared of going to the school here, but after the session with her, he was not any more. All sessions were incorporated with fun activities, such as dice rolling game and visiting facilities, such as museums. She is also open and flexible when parents have something specific they want their kids to learn. We highly recommend her.’

Choose a package that suits your needs

All our packages are available for all language levels. Not sure what package you need? Read more about our packages.

Package 1



After a free online intake we will help you find a good match for your child and connect you to one of our tutors for an introductory meeting. For children, we recommend 1-hour sessions twice per week. We will design a program tailored to your child’s needs and sessions can take place at the safety of your home or online.

  • Only €44 per hour
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Available for all levels
  • 10 hours credit sessions



Package 3



You can use this discount package for the whole family as well. You and your child can learn Dutch from the same package. What can be more fun than being able to help your child learn Dutch? Sessions can take place at your home or online. Check out the other languages your child can study with us or contact us for information.

  • Only €40 per hour
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Available for all levels
  • 60 hours credit sessions



About sessions for kids

So, how does it work?

Are you ready to start your Flowently adventure? What can you expect?

When booking you don’t need to know all the details for your session, you can discuss that with your tutor. You can use your package or credits for single sessions or sessions for two people. Moreover, you can choose any type of session, topic or language from the same package. Follow the 3 steps and off you go!

Starting to learn a language is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Purchase your credits

Check the many packages Flowently has to offer. Start your registration process by selecting your preferred package. If you want to have sessions for two people, then the person who will make the bookings needs to register. The minimum duration of a live session is 1,5 hours, for online and children sessions 1 hour. One Flowently credit is worth one hour (60 minutes) and all Flowently credits and discount packages are valid for one year.

Step 2: Find a tutor that matches your criteria

Meet our enthusiastic team of highly educated experts, they show in their tutor profiles what they have to offer. So, define your preferences and find your match. Your tutor will contact you within 48 hours to discuss details about content, time and location for your session. We kindly ask you to book at least 48 hours in advance.

Step 3: Confirmation booking

Your tutor will contact you within 48 hours to arrange and confirm your session in our online booking system. You will receive an email with details for the session. In case the tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, the session will be cancelled automatically and your credits will be refunded. You can now make a new booking with another tutor or contact Flowently for help. You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.