Nicole 2020

Nicole Taverne

BACKGROUND: Dutch Law in Utrecht, franchise advisor, tutor high school students

Hello, I am Nicole and I live in Bussum, a village near Amsterdam in an area called “het Gooi”, the garden of Amsterdam. I am a vivid and cheerful person, I like sports, travelling, modern music and old & new art. I look forward to helping you learn Dutch in an easy going, practical way and keep you motivated to make progress. So therefore I will give you lessons tailored to your specific needs at a time which is convenient for you. My goal is to let you feel comfortable speaking to the people and friends around you by taking you to interesting and fun places in order to practice your skills in the Dutch language according to the Flowently way. Naturally online lessons are possible.
So open your door to the pleasures and treasures of the Dutch daily language and life!
I hope to meet you soon! Nicole

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