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Trainer Dutch

My name is Hans and I give in-company trainings and private lessons for Flowently.
After an 18-year career as an editor, I am now a qualified Dutch teacher for second language learners. My teaching style is playful and interactive. I incorporate humour in my lessons.

Juulke Lecluse 460 350


Trainer Dutch

My name is Juulke and I’m an enthusiastic Dutch tutor, and I give in-company trainings and private lessons for Flowently. Languages are simply my passion and I’m excited to inspire you and share with you all my knowledge about the beautiful Dutch language and culture to help you integrate even better! Moreover, I’m interested in culture, society and travelling.


Trainer Business English

I am an experienced and dynamic ESL instructor with a CELTA qualification and a diverse educational background, including a BA Honours degree in History and an LLB Honours in Law. With over 20 years of international journalism experience, I create engaging, culturally relevant courses for Business English learners. My teaching philosophy fosters a supportive and interactive learning environment, incorporating real-world examples and practical communication skills to equip students for success in professional and everyday contexts. Join me in unlocking your full potential in English.



Trainer Dutch

My name is Engelina and I’m working as an in-company language trainer for Flowently. I especially like to see how language learners slowly but surely start to speak Dutch better and better. I deliver the new language knowledge in small packages. Each package helps you to speak the language with more pleasure and more confidence.


Trainer Dutch

My name is Liselotte and I currently work for Flowently as an in-company trainer and tutor. After years of experience as a teacher in primary and secondary school, I now only focus on teaching Dutch as a second language. I have a passion for other cultures and I love to travel by myself. During my travels I also try to learn the language of that country I’m in for a while, so I know how difficult it can be. I´m looking forward to providing assistance in learning the Dutch language and culture.

Lucretia Prade 460 350


Trainer Dutch

My name is Lucretia and “Bridging the gap between people and a language foreign to them” is my passion! I have always had a love and interest in foreign people, languages and cultures and I have been privileged enough to live in different countries through the course of my life. It is my goal to help you master the Dutch language in a fun, constructive and practical way. In my experience that is the best way for the language to take root and thrive”


Trainer Dutch & English

Hi, I’m Wilma and I’m an in-company teacher for Flowently. I am educated as an English teacher and am a certified teacher of Dutch to non-native speakers. I worked abroad for many years for international companies. I enjoy working with people of various cultures and nationalities.


Marketing Specialist

My name is Loredana, I’ve been a Tutor with Flowently for a while now. I like to put other Tutors in the spotlight and show people what a great team we have!

Veronica - Flowently


English & Afrikaans

Hey, my name is Veronica. I am a South African and I consider myself a bit of a language nerd. I speak Afrikaans and English fluently and I also have a B2 knowledge of German and understand some Dutch. I know learning a new language is not an easy task, but I am a firm believer in having fun while learning the language. Having been a language learner myself I understand some of the hurdles that you may go through and I want to help you reach your language goals!



Trainer German & English

My name is Tonnis and I live in Nijkerk, near Amersfoort. Besides working as a Personal Tutor for Flowently, I am also working as an In-Company Trainer for English and German. My teaching style is casual with a good sense of humor. Being also a Graphic Designer, I know how to be creative in communicating with people.

Lorena Reveira 460 350


Trainer Spanish & English

My name is Lorena and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work for Flowently as an in-company and private lessons language teacher. I teach English and Spanish with a communicative approach, this means lessons are tailor-made to suit different needs. My main purpose is that students have a laidback and thriving experience learning a language.



Trainer Dutch

My name is Emily and I give in-company trainings and private lessons for Flowently. After my bachelor Dutch Language and Culture, I realised teaching this beautiful language is what I Iove most. I find it very inspiring to help people improve their language skills and I aim to do that in a fun, practical and enthusiastic way. I’m looking forward to offering you the tools you need.


Cross Cultural Trainer

I’m Maarten and I’m developing and giving Cultural Awareness workshops for Flowently. These workshops are aimed at “Getting in Touch with the Dutch”. Understanding Dutch culture, values and typical behavior. Both at work or in social environments. The workshops can be given individually, in small groups or for larger teams. Upon request we can also develop country-specific and in-house workshops.


Trainer Dutch

My name is Annemiek. I studied ‘Neerlandistiek’, ‘Massacommunicatie’ and Organizational change and development’. Nowadays I teach people from all over the world our rich and beautiful Dutch language. I teach, ‘preach’, train and play, using interactive family games. After only ten lessons you will understand at least the 75% Dutch I speak during the class and you will be able to have small meaningful conversations in Dutch.



Trainer Italian

Ciao, my name is Daniela and I am a native Italian teacher. with over 20 years of experience in teaching. I have various working experiences abroad, it makes me flexible, patient and able to better understand foreign cultures. I graduated with a Degree in Foreign Languages and obtained a Master Degree in Business Economic Development. In my lessons I promote intercultural education by bringing the student into contact with everyday realities typical of Italy. I animate the lessons taking into account the student’s needs and create a pleasant and profitable working environment for learning.

Nicoletta Gueli


Trainer English, Spanish, Italian

My name is Nicoletta, I ‘m Italian and a language teacher in English and Spanish. I have the CELTA certificate. In Italy I taught business and scientific English at University for 17 years. Besides, I worked with very young learners as well as middle and secondary school students. I have experience in training students for the main Cambridge ESOL certificates (PET, FCE, CAE),IELTS and TOEFL and DELE to Spanish learners. I’m a great fan of the communicative language teaching methodology.

Alice Pickering


Trainer Business English

My name is Alice. I am a qualified ESL teacher, with over ten years of experience. I work as a Dutch tutor for flowently and also offer private English classes. We will be looking at colloquialisms and generally improving your ability to communicate like a native speaker, in a short amount of time. I will also help you with creative writing, focussing on grammar and vocabulary as well as the use of idioms. Together we will work in a more intense yet creative way.



Trainer German & Dutch

My name is Jeanine and I live in the heart of Amersfoort. I have a background in international business and made a career switch to teacher German.  My classes focus on grammar, as this is the basis for learning a foreign language and it has been found that students have most difficulties with this. I am patient, positive and well-educated. My motto is: dare to make mistakes…. it only makes you better! I look forward to working as a trainer for Flowently and taking your level of German to the next level! Bis bald!

Helge Moes 460 350


Translator Dutch – English

My name is Helge, currently a Media & Information student at the University of Amsterdam. Before that, I grew up in London, which allowed me to learn English from an early age. I properly learned Dutch as a kid when I moved back to the Netherlands. I am completely fluent in both languages. I attained my Cambridge Proficiency Certificate in Cape Town, SA. A huge passion of mine is Taekwondo. Moreover, the amount of discipline I gained from the 16 years of training and finally obtaining my second degree black belt allows me to incorporate these elements in my work as a tutor and as a translator for Flowently.

Marianne Mol 460 350


Cross Cultural Trainer

My name is Marianne and I am a Cultural Awareness Trainer and Coach with a wealth of leadership and talent development experience in global organisations in a range of industries, from Finance to Oil & Gas. What lies at the heart of the Dutch culture? How do they (we 😉 ) think? What do we value? What ticks us off? By analysing your real-life situations I help you overcome your challenges and be more relaxed and effective, both in your personal life as well as at work. I believe in a thorough approach that should be joyful.



Trainer Dutch & English

Learning a language should be fun. It’s never easy to adjust to a new country, culture and language, but I am here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Throughout the years I have taught groups and individuals, in person and online. To see someone grow has always been my greatest reward and finding a way to teach Dutch that suits you best my greatest challenge. I’m looking forward to get in touch and to see what I can do for you.



Trainer Dutch Conversation

My name is Marie and I’m hosting conversation sessions at Flowently for advanced level. Fascinated by languages since childhood, my goal is to make you feel confident and happy while speaking Dutch. I love sharing my energy, creativity and knowledge with people from various backgrounds and nationalities, and I always make sure the conversation topics suit your personalities and needs. As a painter, art historian and entrepreneur, my interests are very wide. I hope to talk to you soon!


Trainer Dutch & English

I know what it means to emigrate and immigrate, to leave a life behind and start from scratch, as a person, a professional, and as parent. I offer extensive educational experience in teaching Dutch as a new language. Furthermore, I can help you or your employees navigate the subtle -and not so subtle- cultural aspects of Dutch society. Vice versa, I help prepare individuals, workers or families for a move to the USA. Sessions are taylor-made to your learning style and pace, flexible, and highly interactive.



Trainer English

My name is Jane and I’m an English revisor and translator. I also have over 10 years’ experience as an English teacher, helping both groups and individuals master the finer points and nuances of English. Together we will identify those aspects of English grammar which are causing you difficulty and work on them so that they don’t get in the way of clear and concise communication. Working with me, you will learn to express yourself fluently and confidently in social and business settings.



Trainer French

Hi, my name is Ashley and I work as an in-company and personal teacher for Flowently. I am educated as a French teacher and I’ve almost finished a master’s degree in European Linguistics. Therefore, I’m interested in several aspects of a language, the communicative aspect but also the more theoretical part of it. Culture is an important aspect. For me, language and culture belong together. In my courses, I’ll try to bring these aspects together and I’ll do this by using authentic and playful activities wherever that’s possible. I’m looking forward to help people who are in the same situation as I was before, new to a language!



Trainer Spanish & English

I’m Cecilia, from Argentina. I truly believe that a language is the entrance door to a culture, therefore in 2018 I decided to move to the Netherlands and learn Dutch, while sharing my language knowledge with my students and understanding first hand what a language shock is. I have over 8 years of experience in teaching Spanish and English. I have a degree in Sworn Translation and I’m currently doing a Master’s in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. I understand languages as systems of communication, and that is reflected in the way I plan and organize my classes.



Trainer Business French

Bonjour! After studying in Paris, I came to the Netherlands twenty years ago and had a career as a marketer in several Dutch retail companies. My Dutch is fluent and I therefore know how it is to learn a foreign language. I now work as a French language trainer, keen on teaching how you can enhance your impact in French, especially in a business context. Students describe me as an enthusiastic coach, that provides “more” than (business) French lessons. I am fascinated by the African continent, I often travel there and follow its geopolitics closely. À très bientôt!



Trainer French & Spanish

Hello, my name is Hilde and I am an enthusiastic language trainer for Flowently. Learning a language is the key to understanding how a business operates within the local legislation and gives you confidence in social life. My teaching style for Flowently is interactive, which means you can indicate what is required for your work and company and we will develop your learning program together. A special service Flowently offers; I could come over to France or Spain for a while, to help you with everyday language needs on the spot, followed by online lessons. Concerning the language levels, we use the international standards CEFR. I look forward to meeting you!



Trainer Italian

Hello everyone, I´m Laura, native Italian teacher based in Berlin. My classical background and the linguistic knowledge I acquired during my studies made me passionate about the italian language, which is the reason why I quickly started spreading it by teaching it. During my classes we’ll deal with daily conversation topics – such as talking about our free time, ordering something at the bar or booking a room – that we’ll perform and simulate acting like real.  I can also provide material on our funny dialectal forms, different from region to region. I´d be glad to support you in this learning challenge. Hope to hear back from you soon!



Trainer English & Mandarin

My name is Nusrat. I am a qualified ESL teacher with over ten years of experience. I work as an English and Mandarin tutor for Flowently and I offer private English and Mandarin (spoken Mandarin) classes. I have experience in training students for the main Cambridge ESOL certificates (KET, PET, FCE), IELTS and TOEFL, especially to Arab, Chinese, Turkish and Russian students. I am Ph.D. In English language and literature. I got my TESOL for English teaching from Arizona State University and Mandarin teaching certificates from Beijing and Shenyang universities. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


Trainer Spanish

My name is Valeria and I work as a personal teacher for Flowently. I was born in Colombia but moved across Latin America while always following an American education, fostering a strong bilingual capacity and appreciation for languages and culture. I teach Spanish with a personalised learning approach, understanding what works for each student and tailoring the teaching method to individual needs.


Trainer Dutch

Hi, my name is Guus and I’m an in-company trainer for Flowently. I studied Linguistics at Leiden University and I have always been fascinated by languages and cultures. I have experience teaching Dutch to students, expats, and refugees. My teaching style is all about boosting your confidence and having fun while getting to know this new language and culture..


Afghan experience expert, Dari & Farsi

Nice to meet you! My name is Shabana. As an Afghan immigrant living for 25 years in the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to develop myself. Now it’s my personal mission to guide you as an experience expert. This means that I have gained expertise by living the immigration and integration process in the Netherlands myself.
There is a deficiency on experts that can build a bridge between these processes and immigrants. I am fully committed to build that bridge between you and your personal development. Flowently is a company that will get the best out of you.


Trainer Dutch

My name is Femke and I’m a Dutch tutor giving both in-company trainings and private lessons for Flowently. I have had the privilege to live in many different countries all over the world.  I have been around people with all kinds of nationalities and backgrounds. That is where I developed a passion for different cultures and languages. I hope to guide internationals in their journey of learning a new language, Dutch, in a comfortable and open atmosphere.


Trainer Business English

My name is Nur and I’ve been working as an ESL & NT2 teacher since 2015, immediately after I got my CELTA qualification from Cambridge university. Rather than using one book or method, I love to think about what will resonate with my students and create original lesson plans which I then implement in the (online) classroom. My main aim in the lessons is to guide my students to an independent stage where they can communicate effectively and comfortably with the language they require. Whether it’s general English/Dutch, exam preparation, or for specific (business) purposes, the content of my lessons are always tailor-made to meet the needs and goals of my students continuously while considering their learning abilities.


Trainer Business English

Hello! My name is Danielle, and I look forward to being your English tutor! After growing up in the United States, I became a theatre and music educator, teaching at a university, in K-12 schools, and in children’s theatres. A few years ago, I decided to change my life and volunteer around the world with humanitarian and animal welfare projects in Bolivia, Thailand, South Africa, and Uganda. Most recently, I completed my TEFL certification to teach English, merging my passions for teaching and intercultural collaboration. In my free time I love to read and write poetry, hang out with cats, and experience nature. I look forward to helping you meet your English language learning goals and become a confident speaker. Together, we can work on your English language skills through a variety of topics. I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!


Trainer Dutch

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Jelena, I tutor Dutch at Flowently since 2020. What I like about teaching is the myriad of ways to master a language. Both in private lessons and in in-company training, I try to discover the Dutch language in a creative way together with the students. I live in Amsterdam and besides teaching, I study climate science at the UvA.
I myself have experience in learning a second language too. by practicing a lot and taking regular classes, I learned to speak Serbian. Learning a second language is not always easy, but with enough motivation and good classes, anyone can do it. I would like to help you learn the Dutch language in a way that suits you best.


Trainer Dutch

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Petra and I work as an in-company trainer. Background: 15 years of experience as a teacher Journalism and writing at the University of Amsterdam, 5 years as a teacher/personal tutor Dutch writing, 2 years as a teacher Dutch at high schools, 30 years as a journalist/writer.
The feedback of students is that I’m an inspiring, friendly, enthusiastic, accurate and thorough teacher who is able to create a positive atmosphere.
Hope to see you soon.


Trainer Dutch

Hello! I am a language and culture enthusiast and I love helping others to find their way in a foreign tongue. I grew up in Spain and learnt Dutch at an early age. Thanks to that experience, I can recognize well where the difficulties are that new speakers face when learning this language. I am convinced that no language can be learnt as an empty and formal structure. Instead, I want to help you to get familiar with Dutch as an open language in which your ideas and experiences can find their expression. While talking about topics that interest you, I would like to guide you until you master the conversation on your own.


Trainer Business English

Hi, I’m Mike, a South African born native English speaker who is passionate about empowering others to achieve their potential. With a professional background as a facilitator, curriculum developer, and communication specialist, I relish the opportunity of leveraging my experience in the education and corporate sectors to help businesses achieve their goals. To this end, I am excited by the prospect of equipping business teams with the English language skills necessary to effectively communicate their company’s value proposition, and to thrive in their individual careers. So, let’s connect and create a bespoke program to meet your communication needs.


Trainer Dutch & Business English

Hi, I’m Isabelle, a Dutch native and happy to have joined Flowently recently. I’ve been teaching quite some years now: Dutch, general and business English and elementary Italian. I lived in Asia for 10 years, got CELTA certified at the British Council over there and became really passionate about teaching languages to people of different nationalities and professions. I love the interaction with students on-line as well as face to face, to see them grow during professional but fun classes and getting confident in the target language. I’m particularly interested to help improve the student’s level of speaking, conversation and pronunciation. I can’t wait to meet you!


Trainer Dutch

Hello, my name is Naomi and I am a Dutch trainer at Flowently. I have a degree in Dutch Language and Culture, as well as Conflict Resolution and Governance. Language to me is not just grammar and vocab, it is a way to express yourself. This is why I love teaching Dutch and enjoy helping out everyone that wants to be able to participate in Dutch society and learn more about Dutch culture. As I am currently in Argentina learning Spanish myself, I know from experience that learning a language can be challenging and doesn’t happen overnight. But I am here to help and excited to teach Flowently students not only the basic grammar and vocab but also the inside tricks and expressions from the Dutch language that you don’t always find in a regular textbook.’


Trainer French

Hello! I am Alizée, a native speaker of French and a dynamic online teacher! I will help you improve your accent and pronunciation, adopt typical idioms, get grammar tips to boost your self-confidence and discover a lot about the French culture, from gripping anecdotes and fun facts to French slang! As a former writer for the media, I will definitely give you key advice to improve your writing skills in French.


Trainer Business English

I’m David, an experienced business English trainer with a diverse outlook on life. I help clients focus on shaping their English to make it clear, effective and results-oriented. My goal is to help people wield English like a master crafter, even when it is their second language. Compared to many languages English is grammatically simple… so the challenge is always in the nuance and the details. Let me custom build you a programme that will raise the impact of your English while making it easier for you to use the language.


Trainer Dutch & Japanese

Hello there. My name is Steven and I’m what you might call a “lingthusiast” (very enthusiastic about languages). I love learning them myself, and greatly enjoy sharing this enthusiasm with others as one of Flowently’s in-company trainers and private tutors. Having spent several years abroad, I know how valuable -and challenging- it can be to understand the local language. Dutch is certainly a challenge, so I will do my best to make it a fun one.


Trainer Dutch

My name is Franka, besides finishing my MA in philosophy I work as a tutor for Flowently. In my late teens and early twenties I moved to Norway and then to Sweden to start my bachelor there –in Swedish. So I know a thing or two about the challenges of being thrown into a new culture and language. But I also know that if one gets over the initial fear of sticking out and approaches the unknown with curiosity and playfulness, an enriching new world can open itself. Nowadays Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish are all languages I have strong emotional connections with. I like to encourage my students to forge a personal bond with the new language, so they can reach a point where it transforms from a mere vehicle for communication into an exciting new home.


Trainer Dutch

My name is Riëtte. As an experienced teacher, trainer and writer, I will offer you inspiring Dutch language lessons. I always create an atmosphere where people feel free to practice and pick up their language skills. I realise eminently how difficult it is to learn a new language. Let me help you – or your employees and staff-members – to expand your vocabulary and give you the tools to practice in daily life. I ‘m looking forward to seeing you in my course.


Trainer Business French, Italian

My name is Philippe and I have been working for Flowently as a tutor French and Italian since 2023. I have a solid 15 years of teaching experience in high schools in France, Italy and Poland and am also deeply interested in History and Geography. I used to teach both subjects as well, that is why I do not hesitate to include historic and geographic points in my classes, bringing anecdotes and everyday life stories. It is my goal to help you master French, Business French and Italian language, step by step, through culture, everyday life and fun, for individuals or groups. Together, we can do a great job


Trainer Dutch

Hoi! My name is Marcio and I work as an in-company trainer and private tutor for Flowently. I have always been fascinated by culture and the central role of its language herein, which I explored through travelling, through learning languages as well as teaching my own, and more in-depth in my studies in Cultural Anthropology. Besides my knowledge of all the in’s and out’s of the Dutch language, what I thus have to offer is a fun and interactive exploration of how to truly communicate with and understand the Dutchies.


Trainer Dutch – Office Manager

Hello, my name is Amira. I am a private tutor, in-company trainer, and front office manager at Flowently. I have an academic background in Urban Planning and Geographic Information Science and am currently working at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. I am also planning to pursue a master’s degree in Geographic Information Management and Applications. Having learned English and German as a second language myself (achieving C1 level in both languages), I strive to pass on my experiences and wisdom to my students. I believe that language learning is not just about memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, but also understanding the cultural context of the language.


Trainer Dutch

Hallo! My name is Bouke (and yes, we will work on pronouncing that very Dutch name during my lessons!). I am a qualified Dutch primary school teacher and have years of experience in learning the Dutch language to (expat)children and their parents. I live in Central Portugal with my family, so I am also learning a new language. I work as an in-company trainer and private tutor for Flowently and I look forward to help you learn the Dutch language.


Trainer Arabic

I’m Leyla from Palestine. I am an experienced Arabic Teacher. I give in-company training, small groups or for larger teams and private lessons for Flowently. I Teach Conversational and Business Arabic which is now one of the most important languages to learn if you like to close more business deals and widen your relations with rich middle east countries. I will help you learn Arabic in a very easy and enjoyable way. Salam!


Trainer Dutch

My name is Dineke and I currently work as an in-company trainer for Flowently. After my work as a linguist brought me to Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, I have now returned to the Netherlands. I have a passion for multilingualism in all its varieties. I strongly believe in situational and interactional language learning, taking the languages and experiences that students bring to the classroom as a starting point.


Trainer Business English

I am   a CELTA certified teacher of English with 8 years of experience. I have been teaching both online and in person to students of all levels and ages, across various EFL subject areas including functional, conversational, business, and academic English. I focus on tailor-made lessons geared towards the students’ interests and learning goals. I believe that learning is a two-way street and often learn just as much in courses as I teach. My in-company courses focus on the four language acquisition targets, with even grammar concepts having a speaking component to them, as well as where possible, kinesthetic learning.


Trainer Dutch & French

Hello there! My name is Suzanne. I live in the USA but I was born and raised in the Netherlands.  I am a qualified, French, Middle- and Highschool teacher and I have years of experience teaching at school but also online. I am currently working as a teacher, coach, tutor and Education manager at an online homework school in the Netherlands. I aim to make my classes fun, energetic, positive, and engaging for my students, every single day! From the very start I’ll make sure every student feels comfortable learning Dutch and about the Dutch culture and no student is uncomfortable asking for help.   When my students are happy, I am happy! Looking forward to meet you!


Trainer Business English

Hello there! I am Pauline. I am thrilled to be a member of the Flowently team. With a broad background spanning over two decades in teaching across various sectors, including education, financial services, logistics, IT, engineering, and construction, I bring a wealth of experience to offer specialised English language training. In 2022, I achieved certification as a Neurolanguage® Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), showcasing my commitment to adopting cutting-edge and effective teaching methodologies. I firmly believe in personalised, well-planned lessons that cater to individual needs, goals, and time constraints. I eagerly look forward to leveraging my experience to enhance the language learning journey for my students. I take pride in creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment.


Trainer Dutch

Hi! I’m Gaily, a passionate journalism graduate from the lively city of Groningen. My academic journey took me to Finland, where I not only delved into my studies but also had the incredible opportunity to explore and connect with people from all corners of the globe.
Meeting new people is my absolute joy, and I love sharing insights into my culture, just as others did for me during my time abroad. Beyond my journalism pursuits, my life is a delightful blend of sports, travelling, cooking (and savoring every bite), and engaging discussions about current events. I’m eagerly anticipating the chance to meet you and help you dive into the richness of Dutch culture and language.


Trainer Dutch

Hi, I’m Roy. I’ve been working as a Dutch teacher since 2013. The emphasis of my lessons is on playfulness, fun, creativity and how people learn from a science perspective. Everyone is different, learns differently and has different needs, so I like to create my classes with you in mind, thinking about what works best for you. I get inspiration for my lessons based on research about how people learn and how they process information most effectively. This is related to my passion for Neuroscience and the work I do in this field.


Trainer Business English

I’m Iria, and I’m passionate about making language learning enjoyable and fun. With over 4 years of experience teaching English, I strive to create lessons that are both educational and stimulating. My teaching style incorporates a blend of grammar, vocabulary, and insights into culture and history, providing a full learning experience. I believe in tailoring lessons to meet the specific needs and interests of each student, ensuring a personalized and effective learning journey. I enjoy fostering discussions on a variety of topics, including movies, music, and popular culture. These conversations not only enhance language comprehension but also create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Anja Vreeburg

Founder Flowently

Hello, my name is Anja and I am the founder of Flowently. I am very proud of our great team of Tutors, Company Trainers and Associate Partners, creating this exceptional platform together. Flowently is not only about learning Dutch or another language, but also about feeling home, getting around and finding your way in a new language and country easily. We are thrilled to help you improve your language skills!