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your tutor for a live session or book an online session, you can study
at your own pace and learn practical language skills.


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Learn Dutch in The Hague

Dutch courses for busy people

You want to learn Dutch but you’re too busy and don’t have time for Dutch lessons at fixed hours? Recognise this? Flowently offers the flexibility you are looking for!

Meet up with your private Flowently tutor – online or in town – for a customised Dutch language course. The study program will be tailored to your needs and you can study at your own pace. Together with your tutor you can set the day and time for your sessions. Flexibility!

Are you a ‘learning by doing’ type? Then you can meet up with your tutor in a café and prepare a ‘shopping tour’. Don’t forget to bring your textbooks! Ready to go? Visit the De Haagse street market, get your groceries and practice your Dutch chit chat with vendors, your Flowently tutor will help you. Learn to navigate daily life in a fun way!

Flowently’s live or online sessions are available 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm.

Available sessions

We have both Live Sessions as Online Sessions available. So whether you want to meet online or in person, you can learn Dutch the way you want!

Live & Online sessions for 1*

  • 1,5 hour sessions
1,5 credits
  • 2 hour sessions
2 credits
  • 3 hour sessions
3 credits

*Bring your friend and get a discounted rate!

Begin je Flowently avontuur!

Stap 1: Vind de tutor die aan je criteria voldoet

Flowently sessies zijn makkelijk te boeken en je vind altijd een match met onze 200 tutors in 100 plaatsen. We focussen op sociale conversatie en praktische taalvaardigheden, die je meteen kunt gebruiken. Leer spreken als een local!

Ga naar ‘Vind een tutor’, selecteer je voorkeuren en vind een tutor die aan jouw criteria voldoet. Je kunt sessies boeken met alleen één tutor of met verschillende tutors, zoals je wilt. Neem contact met ons op als je hulp nodig hebt bij het vinden van de juiste tutor.

Na elke sessie ontvang je een e-mail om je sessie te beoordelen. We gebruiken alle feedback om de kwaliteit van onze sessies te bewaken en verbeteren.

Stap 2: Boek je sessie

Maak je account op onze website aan en koop je Flowently credits om je sessie te boeken. Wij verzoeken je vriendelijk om 48 uur van tevoren te boeken. Je kunt een losse sessie of een kortingspakket kopen. Alle Flowently credits en pakketten zijn één jaar geldig.

Wil je samen met een vriend of collega studeren? Wij bieden 50% korting voor de tweede student. Alleen de persoon die de boekingen maakt, moet zich registreren.

1 uur voor 1 persoon = 1 Flowently-credit
1 uur voor 2 personen = 1,5 Flowently credits (50% korting voor de tweede persoon)

Stap 3: Bevestiging boeking

Binnen 48 uur bevestigt je tutor je boeking en neemt contact met je op om details over inhoud, locatie en exacte tijd voor je sessie te bespreken. Als de tutor niet binnen 48 uur contact met je opneemt, wordt je sessie automatisch geannuleerd en worden je credits teruggestort op je account. Je kunt nu een nieuwe boeking maken bij een andere tutor of contact met ons opnemen voor het vinden van een goede match. We helpen je graag.

Je kunt je boeking tot 24 uur van tevoren kosteloos annuleren. Als je later annuleert, brengt Flowently het volledige bedrag in rekening.

Find out what our students think of Flowently

Great teachers, great experience overall! My dutch went from A0 to A2 in a record time thanks to the dedicated work of the Flowently team! Really recommend to everyone 🙂
15:57 18 Feb 21
I highly recommend Flowently to learn Dutch. Our teacher (Nathalie) is highly skilled and the communication is very smooth. the only platform maked it easy to communicate and to book our lessons.
Frédéric Dauba
Frédéric Dauba
11:54 01 Mar 21
We enjoy dutch lessons with flowently. The teacher is very nice and propose useful activities, it is also very adequate for children.
Graziella Subileau
Graziella Subileau
08:34 23 Feb 21
Flowently is the best option to learn Dutch in a professional and flexible way. Loved it!
Pedro C
Pedro C
08:12 23 Feb 21
I am extremely happy with the classes from Fluently. It allowed me to get up to speed and already say few words in Dutch. I like their practical method to just dive into the language! Highly recommended!
Miriam Bianconi
Miriam Bianconi
14:27 03 Dec 18
I always look forward to my tutoring sessions with Cecile. I feel like I am being challenged just enough so that my mind struggles to incorporate the lesson. I can feel the learning happening! I also feel like the materials that we are using and the course of study that we are pursuing will get me where I want to be in terms of competence. My family and I are moving to the Netherlands in a year and I am excited to see how well I progress during that time.
Jeptha Evans
Jeptha Evans
13:43 05 Aug 21
I enjoyed the first session with Ingrid very much. I thought that the time went by very quickly (this means I enjoyed it...!) & I felt comfortable speaking Dutch. I am looking forward to more sessions in order to build my confidence
Linda Hayward
Linda Hayward
09:01 27 Jul 21
My family is learning Dutch with Cecile through Flowently. I am dazzled with the experience. My daughters are having a wonderful time, as Cecile plants and nurtures important seeds of language acquisition ahead of a move to Amsterdam next summer. My husband and I each take lessons as well. I entered the experience as the most language-phobic student. Working with Cecile shifted those anxieties into a place of real joy in the process of learning a remarkable and fun new language.
Cindy Glass
Cindy Glass
14:47 08 Aug 21
Cecile Wijne is an excellent tutor. I am very satisfied with my Dutch classes with her. She has great experience and adjusts learning programs to students' needs. I would totally recommend her as a teacher.
Oleksii Kosenko
Oleksii Kosenko
14:35 05 Aug 21
Another great lesson. Very much appreciate the flexible and relaxed approach, tailored to my needs. Thanks Iris!
Andy Cherry
Andy Cherry
14:30 17 Aug 21

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