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There is no better way to learn Polish than with a native Polish tutor! Together with your personal tutor you can design your own language program and learn what is relevant to you. Even in an online course, your tutor will focus on ‘learning by doing’ , using role play and dialogues to develop useful language skills.

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Learn to speak fluent Polish with Flowently

How can I learn the Polish language?
Flowently provides 7 simple tips for learning a new language.

1. Get real
Think of a simple situation in which you want to be able to speak a few words of Polish. Meet up with your Flowently tutor, learn ‘the magic phrases’ and how you can use them in everyday situations. Learn how to order your first drink, do your first shopping and make your first appointments in your new language with your tutor by your side. Learn by doing!

2. Make learning the language a lifestyle
Consistency is key! Find a language habit that you can follow, even when you are tired, sick or madly in love. Link the language to your lifestyle. Drink your coffee while reading a Polish newspaper. Listen to a Polish TV show while cooking and find more little habits. In this way you will feel way more comfortable and you can have fun too!

3. Play house with the language
The more you invite a foreign language into your daily life, the more your brain will consider it something useful and worth caring about. Use every opportunity to get exposed to the new language. Label objects in your house, watch children’s programs, invite people to speak to you in the language you want to learn and train your ears. Learn about funny expressions and humor.

4. Let technology help you
A small thing like resetting the language on your phone can help you learn new words straight away. The same goes for changing the language in your browser. Use your phone to learn a new language while making photos and recordings of words and situations you don’t understand. Bring them with you to your next Flowently sessions and your tutor will explain their uses to you. Being interested and active is guaranteed to help you.

5. Think about language learning as a gateway to new experiences
Learning a language is about focusing on the experiences that a new language brings along. Think of fun things you want to do and turn them into a language learning opportunity. Check out our variety of topics and let your private tutor be your personal guide.

6. Make new friends
Interacting in your new language is key – it will teach you to intuitively express your thoughts, instead of mentally translating each sentence before you speak. Find native speakers near you. Meet the locals and learn to interact in daily life situations. Improve your chit-chat!

7. Do not worry about making mistakes
One of the most common barriers in learning a new language is the fear of making mistakes. But native speakers are like doting parents: any attempt of you communicating in their language is objective proof that you are a gifted genius. They’ll appreciate your effort and even help you. Nervous about having a conversation with a peer? Try testing your language skills with someone a little younger. And, more imporantly, be patient with yourself.

Flowently advice
Take a step back and try to communicate on a basic level when you start speaking a new language. Our friendly tutors are well-trained in the Flowently method and will help you feel comfortable in your new language. And don’t forget: an accent is charming!

Dutch group courses for Polish speakers
Is Polish your first language and do you want to improve your Dutch language skills? Do you work in a Dutch speaking environment and do you want to feel more confident in understanding and speaking the Dutch language? Are you an entrepreneur and do you have Polish employees that could use some help? Please contact us and we will develop a course tailored to everyone’s.

For companies
Flowently offers private language training for either one or two people. However, for companies, we offer professional group training with certified teachers. The training can be organised online or at location. Is part of your team moving to another country? We can allocate a designated teacher so that your employees can easily get accustomed to their new language and culture.

Available sessions

We have both Live Sessions as Online Sessions available. So whether you want to meet online or in person, you can learn Polish the way you want! Read more about levels, exams, certificates and packages.

Live & Online sessions for 1*

  • 1,5 hour sessions
1,5 credits
  • 2 hour sessions
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  • 3 hour sessions
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*Bring your friend and get a discounted rate!

Start your Flowently adventure!

Step 1: Find a tutor that matches your criteria

Flowently sessions are easy to book and you will always find a match with our 200 tutors in 100 places. We focus on social conversation and practical language skills, which you can use right away. Learn to speak like a local!

Go to ‘Find A Tutor’, select your preferences and find a tutor who matches your criteria. You can book sessions with just one tutor or with multiple tutors, as you like. Contact us please, if you need help finding a tutor.

After each session you will receive an email to review your session. We use all feedback to guard quality of our sessions.

Step 2: Book your session

Create your account and buy your Flowently credits to book your session. We kindly ask you to book 48 hours in advance. You can buy a single session or a discount package. All Flowently credits and packages are valid for one year.

Do you want to study with a friend? We offer 50% discount for the second student. The person who will make the bookings needs to register only.

1 hour for 1 person = 1 Flowently credit
1 hour for 2 people = 1,5 Flowently credits (50% discount for your friend)

Step 3: Confirmation booking

Within 48 hours, your tutor will confirm your booking and contact you to discuss details about content, location and exact time for your session. In case the tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, your session will be cancelled automatically and your credits will be refunded. You can now make a new booking with another tutor or contact us and we will help you find a good match.

You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.