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Do you often travel to Arabic speaking countries for business or do you have Arabic speaking colleagues at work? With a native Arabic tutor you will be able to learn practical language skills that will help you get around in day-to-day situations. Your tutor can also provide you with essential information on doing business in Arabic culture.

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Learn colloquial Arabic and get around in everyday situations

A few facts about the Arabic language
At Flowently you will learn Modern Standard Arabic, the so called MSA. This is used in written language such as documents, books and textbooks. After Mandarin, Spanish, English and Hindi, Arabic is the number 5 most spoken official language. You can find native Arabic speakers all over the world and the Arabic language is spoken in 22 different countries. Would you like to learn a specific Arabic dialect? Please contact us for more information.

Speak Arabic and a whole new world of possibilities opens up!
Just imagine the feeling of being able to greet others, introduce yourself and have a little chat in Arabic. Your Arabic clients, colleagues, friends or family will be impressed and probably double their generous Arabic hospitality. At Flowently you can learn Arabic with a native speaking tutor. Contact us for a free intake and we will design a program tailored to your needs.

English words that are of Arabic origin
Aren’t we all ruled by algorithms in modern society? This word comes from al-khwārizmī, short for Muhammed ibn al-Kwarizmi, an Arabic mathematician who died around 850. And what do you think of algebra, alcohol, benzene, elixir, coffee, lemon, magazine, sugar, tariff and zero? All these words have one thing in common: they are from Arabic origin. Get started now!

Dutch group courses for Arabic speakers
Are you native Arabic and working in a Dutch language environment? With Flowently’s help you can feel more confident in understanding and speaking Dutch. Does your company have Arabic employees who could benefit from a practical Dutch language course? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to create a languages course that matches the criteria of your business. Our bilingual Arabic-Dutch Flowently tutors will be the ones to help you improve your Dutch language skills.

For companies
Flowently offers private language training for either one or two people. However, for companies, we offer professional group training with certified teachers. The training can be organised online or on location.

Is part of your team moving to another country? We can allocate a designated teacher so that your employees can smoothly integrate into their new language and culture.

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After each session you will receive an email to review your session. We use all feedback to guard quality of our sessions.

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Create your account and buy your Flowently credits to book your session. You can buy credits for a single session or a discount package. If you want to have sessions for two people, then only the person who will make the bookings needs to register.

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Within 48 hours, your tutor will confirm your booking and contact you to discuss details about content, location and exact time for your session. In case the tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, your session will be cancelled automatically and your credits will be refunded. You can now make a new booking with another tutor or contact us, it would be our pleasure to help you find a good match.

You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.

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Daily life dialogues, language tips for specific situations, small talk, a poem, a quiz, funny sayings, and an overview of most important grammar subjects in simple schedules, that is what you will find in the E-book ‘Dutch on the go!’ Start speaking Dutch like a local with the guidance of your Flowently and this booklet.