We are back with live sessions!

The best terraces for live language sessions

1. Café l’Américain

I’m excited! It’s Monday 31st May 2021 and it’s a special day. I’m heading towards Cafe l’Americain’s terrace to meet my students for the first time since the lockdown. It used to be my favourite spot to give Dutch language sessions. I’m meeting a French couple who I have been teaching for about 9 months now. We can hardly believe we’re on this lovely terrace again! The breeze, the warmth of the sun, the drinks and the friendly waiter make our day even more perfect. We are completely overwhelmed with how great this Dutch live language session is. It’s a refreshing three-dimensional experience, contributing to a positive learning process. Besides Café l’Américain, which other terraces do we like for our live language sessions?

2. De Balie

A one minute walk away from Café Américain is De Balie on Leidseplein. They might be close to each other, but the atmosphere of both cafes is very different. De Balie is a cultural center that has a cafe and a cinema for documentaries.

De Balie is a typical ‘gezellig’ cafe, as we say in Dutch. ‘Gezellig’ is a very popular adverb among the Dutch, it means: cozy, nice, social, relaxed, vibrant. This goes for the service as well as their customers. During a previous session a lady commented on my student’s learning process: “I think you are doing very well!”

3. Vondelpark

De Balie is a short stroll away from Vondelpark. Just after the first bridge, we take a right to the Vondelpark Paviljoen. You almost can’t miss it: it’s a beautiful renovated national monument in Italian Renaissance style with Ionic columns. Until 2012 this was the “Filmmuseum’ where you could watch alternative, classic, arthouse movies. Now it houses a media and culture lab of the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS. But let’s get to what’s really important: how’s the terrace?

First of all, it’s located in the most beautiful park of Amsterdam. The terrace is part of a majestic building, so you can imagine how amazing it all looks, right? It’s one of the biggest terraces of Amsterdam’s city centre and it belongs to Kitchen & Bar Vondelpark3, a.k.a. the living room (in Dutch ‘de huiskamer’) of Vondelpark. Get ready for a comfy, relaxed learning session. You can practice ordering in Dutch straight away with the friendly waiters!

4. Eye Filmmuseum

Let’s jump to the new Filmmuseum Eye, or -more accurately- let’s cruise from Central Station with the free ferry across the IJ. The striking appearance of this geometrical, white structure looks like a spaceship that just landed. It has a very spacious terrace overlooking the IJ, providing you with all the mindspace you need to have an effective study session with your tutor. When you’re there, don’t forget to check the timetable to watch your favourite classic movie!

5. Conservatorium Hotel

If you are looking for a more inspiring environment, get comfortable on one of the soft couches in the luxurious lounge of the Conservatorium Hotel. The glass ceiling provides you with so much light, it’s difficult not to get inspired! The building used to house the conservatory of Amsterdam.

Find out for yourself which terrace you like most. Or try a different one each time, depending on your mood!

Written by Nathalie Ezendam Keller

Published by: Flowently

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YEEE-HAW! We are back with live sessions!

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