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Wouldn’t it be fun to learn some useful ‘kitchen and cooking-Dutch’ while preparing a wonderful meal?
Do you want to learn prepare delicious ‘hapjes en drankjes’,snacks and drinks
or are you planning to host a great dinner party?
Welcome to my kitchen!


My name is Gwen and I am your chef. My background is Indonesian, my mother taught me everything about cooking.
In turn she learned it all from her mother. I have been cooking my whole life,
it’s my passion and I would be very delighted to pass my kitchen secrets onto you!


You can book a workshop varying from 90 minutes to several hours, from a simple Dutch dish to an entire dinner. We provide several cuisines: Indonesian, Italian, French, Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegan and typical Dutch dishes.
Workshops can include shopping as well.


Learn Dutch while preparing a wonderful meal, gezellig en lekker! In these workshops you will learn names of products, kitchen tools, useful specific vocabulary and Dutch expressions about food. What do you think of:

De soep wordt nooit zo heet gegeten als zij wordt opgediend.
Boontje komt om zijn loontje.
Met je neus in de boter vallen.
Met de gebakken peren zitten.
Zoete broodjes bakken.

Or what do people actually always say?
Eet smakkelijk! Eet makkelijk! Eat easy?? Eet smakelijk!
And why is ‘ik heb heerlijk gesmaakt’ not correct?

You can book a 90-minutes sessions ‘Workshop Dutch & Cooking’ as an introduction. For more advanced and intensive workshops please send your email for information to

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  1. Wat een heerlijkheid, vegetarische Indische gerechten. Fris en helder klaargemaakt en zoveel verschillende smaken.
    Ter ere van een speciale gebeurtenis was er door Gwen een buffet voor 60 personen gemaakt.
    We waren blij verrast door de prachtige verschillende gerechten.
    Super Gwen!

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