Videos, films and games for fun learning Dutch experiences

Are you a fan of videos, movies and games? Why not turn them into Dutch learning experiences?



You can learn Dutch from dialogues and informal phrases in films, by just changing the subtitles to Dutch. This simple tool will help you expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Why do Dutch kids manage to learn English with ease nowadays? They all watch American and English movies on television with Dutch subtitles. Try to do this each time when you watch a film, see which specific subtitle you can choose from. For those who love to go to the cinema, there are Dutch movies with English subtitles. By watching, hearing and reading exciting plots and interesting stories will improve your Dutch skills subconsciously. Check your local cinema for more information!


Videos & documentaries

While surfing on the internet, you can find a wide variety of educational videos and documentaries in Dutch, or in English with Dutch subtitles. You can read or listen to a variety of instructions on how to cook spaghetti or ‘boerenkool’, plant a tree, fix a flat tire (hoe plak ik een fietsband) and an explanation of the ‘Poldermodel’ in the Netherlands.  Are you interested in society, politics, economy and culture? Then head over to ‘Tegenlicht’, a series of informative programs from VPRO television about new ideas and trends.



This applies for games as well, start with changing the language of the game that you are used to play. Practice your reading skills and start to interact in your new language. What would your characters say in Dutch? Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your Dutch skills while playing games together with your Flowently tutor? Not sure if your dialogue was correct? No problem, you can just revise that part of the game. Playing games will boost your confidence in using the Dutch language in real life.

Would you like to work specifically on your grammar or conversation skills? With Influent you can interact with objects in a 3D world and learn over 15 different languages including Japanese and Russian. The site DigitalDialects offers basic games to help with vocabulary skills in over 80 languages.


Collection Dutch Cinema


Dutch movies and series 



Turks Fruit

Het zakmes

All stars

Ciske de rat



Nova Zembla

Michiel de Ruyter

Het Diner


De aanslag


De Marathon

Gooische Vrouwen

Mijn Rembrandt

Soldaat van Oranje

De koning van Katoren


Welkom bij de Romeinen

Koot & Bie

De Kijk van Koolhoven

De tweeling



Brammetje Baas



De Boskampi’s


Achtste groepers huilen niet


Zwarte Tulp

Karakter, film 1997                                                        Baantjer, Amsterdamse detective serie



Zwarte Tulp, drama serie                                            Gooische vrouwen




The Legend of Zelda

Heavy rain

De professor Layton games

Beyond Good & EvilDe FIFA games


De Transposia games

Black & White

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Mario (a wide range from Mario kart to Mario 64)




League of Legends


Call of Duty – game


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Videos,films & games for fun learning Dutch experiences

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