Improve your business Dutch – the Language Toolbox

Do you want to be able to communicate with more confidence and ease at work? Do you ever feel insecure on the phone? Are you looking for the right word for your correspondence or in a meeting? Are you concerned about how formal the Dutch presentation you have to give is? With a tailor-made business Dutch language course, you will learn exactly what you personally need to present yourself professionally. Moreover, thanks to our interactive ‘learning by doing’ method, you can immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge in your daily practice.

Create your personal language toolbox

Your course starts with an online intake, where we map out your current language situation and wishes. We work with you to design a program that is tailored to your work situation. What makes your communication better, richer, more interesting and clearer? What is the use of useful and well-spoken sentences, jargon and expressions? In the Flowently business Dutch course, you will start by compiling your personal Language Toolbox. This language selection is tailored to your work: frequently asked questions, answers, useful sentences and formats, expressions, jargon, standard explanations, references and much more. Learn to switch professionally and quickly into the Dutch language.

Better business with better language

How can you best communicate in an era when everyone is inundated with emails and other messages every day? At Flowently, you learn how to get to the point quickly and how to convey a clear message concisely and diplomatically. And, oh yes, what about verbs? Is that a d or a t at the end of that word? Don’t let uncertainty over grammatical details like these hold you back in your creative communication processes. With the simple explanation provided by Flowently, you will become an accomplished Dutch speaker!

What can you learn in a business Dutch course?

  • – Expansion of vocabulary and specific jargon
  • – Speaking skills and pronunciation
  • – Phone calls and online meetings
  • – Writing reports, letters and emails,
  • – Structure, style and layout of texts
  • – Refresher on useful grammar
  • – Presenting and negotiating
  • – Culture, corporate culture, integration and diversity
  • – International communication do’s and don’ts
  • – Small talk, building confidence and having fun
  • – Create your personal Language Toolbox

Would you like to know more about customization for your company?

You can take the business Dutch course individually or as a group, at your office or online. A course starts with an intake and is concluded with a test and Flowently Certificate. Program and lesson times are decided in consultation with a Flowently coordinator. Would you like to know more about the benefits of a Flowently business Dutch course for yourself, your team or the entire company? Contact us!

Published by: Flowently

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Improve your business Dutch – the Language Toolbox

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