Business Dutch – the Language Toolbox 

Learning Dutch is a challenge, speaking Dutch is even a bigger challenge. And what, if the Dutch language is required for your work? If you are supposed to make phone call in Dutch, join meetings in Dutch, write emails and reports? How about small talk with your colleagues at the coffee machine? You will be a fish out of water if you can’t understand idioms in Dutch. With a tailor-made Business Dutch language course, you will learn exactly what you need to feel more confident. In this blog we will explain how.


Your Personal Language Toolbox 

Set Your Dutch Language Goals 

Your ‘learn Dutch adventure’ starts with an intake, where we map out your current language situation. Then we will discuss your targets, time line and together design a program that is tailored to your needs. What do you need to make your Dutch communication skills better, richer, more clear, interesting and – last but not least – more fun?

Your First Aid Language Set

In the Flowently Business Dutch course, we will work on compiling your personal Language Toolbox. This contains: frequently asked questions, their answers, useful sentences, handy formats, expressions, specific vocabulary and jargon related to your company, standard explanations and more.

Boost Your Confidence in 30 Hours 

In a 30 hours Business Dutch Course you will learn how to integrate new vocabulary into your everyday life at work. Your tutor will help you improve your Dutch language skills by practicing the professional conversations, phone calls, reports and social conversations with colleagues and clients. Are you familiar with the essential ‘Hidden Dutch Politeness’? Ask your tutor for details.

Better Business with Better Language 

At Flowently, you learn how to get to the point quickly and how to convey a clear message concisely and diplomatically. And, oh yes, what about Dutch verbs? Is there a d or a t at the end of that word? Flowently provides a simplified explanation of Dutch grammar. Therefore grammatical details like these will not hold you back in your creative communication processes. With the method provided by Flowently, you will become an accomplished Dutch speaker!

What Can You Learn in a Business Dutch Course?

  • – Expanding vocabulary and specific jargon
  • – Improve speaking skills and pronunciation
  • – Phone calls and online meetings
  • – Writing reports, letters and emails
  • – Structure, style and layout of texts
  • – Refresher on useful grammar
  • – Presenting and negotiating
  • – Culture, corporate culture, integration and diversity
  • – International communication do’s and don’ts
  • – Small talk, building confidence and having fun
  • – Create your personal Language Toolbox


Would You Like to Know More about Customization for Your Company? 

You can take the business Dutch course individually or as a group, at your office or online. A course starts with an intake and is concluded with a test and Flowently Certificate. Would you like to know more about the benefits of a Flowently Business Dutch course for yourself, your team or the entire company? Contact us!

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