ISS Dutch Crash Course
for International Students

Hey there, welcome to The Netherlands!
Together with ISS, International Student Services, Flowently
offers a 6-hour online language course conducted in small groups,
to help you immerse yourself in the Dutch culture and give your
Dutch a head start. Learn Dutch & have fun!

The benefits of learning Dutch

  • Order your drinks in Dutch
  • Get to know local hot spots
  • Communicate with Dutch classmates
  • Find a job in The Netherlands
  • Personal support

What will you learn in 4 x 1,5 hours?

Learn the very basics of Dutch pronunciation, social chat and practical tips for getting around in daily life with a Flowently tutor. In a 4-week course of 1,5 hour per week we will cover: Welcome, Shopping, Hop on your bike, Snap the city & learn Dutch.

When, how and the price?

The online course will take place on weekdays from 5.30PM to 7PM.
Register now and we’ll contact you about the date of your first class.
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Price €99,95 including online study materials.


Week 1 – Welcome
Introduce oneself, nice to meet you!
How to learn a new language
Your first Dutch magic phrase & hidden Dutch politeness
Dutch pronunciation, alphabet and numbers
Personal pronouns and useful verbs

Week 2 – Shopping
Get your groceries at the street market or super market
Names of products and ingredients, shops
Bank cards, pinnen, tikkie
Adjectives and shopping vocabulary
Make photos or videos with your mobile phone

 Week 3 – Hop on your bike
Cycle safely, traffic & rules
Do’s and don’ts for bikes
Help, where is my bike?
Bike slang & adventures
Social chat, verbs, directions

Week 4 – Snap your city & learn Dutch
Hot spots in town, parks & festivals, ja leuk!
Bars & restaurants, cinema & theater, art, culture
Gym, sports, doctor & pharmacy, hospital, police
Where to go on a sunny / rainy day?
Expand your vocabulary & practical tips
Make photos or videos with your mobile phone

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