Partnership Program

What do you need for a successful relocation? We can help your new employees, their partners and kids to navigate daily life in their new language and blend into local culture. With Flowently you have one less thing to worry about.

Fluently with Flowently

Is your company moving to the Netherlands with the entire team? Are you based in the Netherlands and do you employ new non-native employees on a regular basis? A smooth transition and integration of your staff for the success of your business is of great influence. Learning Dutch plays an important role in this process.

Quote of an international

Learn Dutch for a better integration, even if you and your family are in the Netherlands for only a few years. Learn the basics, it will make your life much easier and the locals will be much friendlier to you.’
Susan from the US

International language group training

Flowently offers interactive group training. We focus on practical, social language skills that your staff can use right away. It is so much fun if they can order their drinks in Dutch or chat with their colleagues. Information about local hot spots, hidden gems, Dutch culture, traditions and customs can also be part of the training. Basic understanding and communication skills will change their daily life experience and contribute to ‘feeling at home’.

Customized and interactive language training

Flowently offers customized Dutch language training – social and work related – for your staff at different levels throughout the year. In the winter and summer we have a 3-week break. Classes can take place in person or online in the morning, afternoon or after working hours. In groups we work with 10 students maximum.

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    Why Flowently

    • Ongoing Dutch group courses, different levels, live or online
    • Intakes, testing, evaluations and Flowently certificates
    • Preparation for civic integration exams and NT2 exams
    • Missed a class? Check recordings & google documents
    • Fun & useful tips and tricks for learning Dutch
    • Intercultural Awareness Workshops
    • Individual training packages, 7 days a week, 8AM – 10PM
    • Language courses for partners & kids
    • Business English & other languages courses


    We make learning a social and fun experience for everyone.
    Flowently Team