Cross Cultural Workshop

Integrating doesn’t stop with learning the language. In order to feel at home, you will need to get familiar with the local habits and culture. That’s where our Cross Cultural Workshop comes in.

The benefits of language training at Flowently

  •  Flowently’s no-classroom-approach fits perfectly into an airtight relocation plan.
  •  It decreases staff turnover as employees and their family can integrate much better.
  •  We offer fun and interactive training sessions for individuals and groups.
  •  Learn to blend into local culture with our Cross Cultural Workshop.
  •  Our language training is available anytime and anywhere, including your office.

Start seeing the world through new eyes

It can be hard to understand our own cultural norms and preferences if we’ve never been confronted with cultural values other than our own. Once we start living in another country, or working in an international team, we realise that there are different cultural perspectives. Think of communication styles, being on time, body space, hierarchy, feedback etcetera.

Flowently designs the intercultural awareness workshop so that you can become aware of your own cultural preferences. In this way, you can find out how they compare to those of your colleagues and Dutch culture in general. You will also learn about Dutch history and geography, how to deal with culture shock and the do’s and don’ts when living in the Netherlands. We prefer mixed teams of Dutch and international employees for our intercultural awareness workshops, so that everyone at the company can benefit of this Team Building experience.

The workshop sessions for groups can be given at your office or at an external location. Individual workshops are available online as well. 

What our clients say

What employees liked most about their 2-hours Flowently Intercultural Awareness Workshop

  • History and geography of The Netherlands and how this has influenced Dutch behavior.
  • Great storytelling and practical examples, helpful for dealing with the Dutch.
  • Two hours was not enough, easy to follow, interactive and fun.
  • History and practical tips, interactions with the audience.
  • Very interesting and relevant, I liked the quiz part.
  • I had a chance to compare my culture with Dutch and recognize some blocking behavior on me.
  • Tips on the process you go through as an expat.
  • It helps to understand why the Dutch are as they are.

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    In touch with
    the Dutch



    This session will start with a quiz! In this introductory workshop you will briefly learn about the origin and history of the Netherlands. We will take a look at geography, interesting facts and figures. But most of all you will learn about Dutch habits and customs.

    Individually or for 1 – 20 participants.

    Becoming cross
    cultural competent



    This extensive workshop is focused on going the extra mile in fully understanding the cross-cultural challenge. Please contact us for an intake and we will design a workshop tailored to the needs of your company and employees. 

    Individually or for 4 – 20 participants.