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Dutch conversation sessions

Live sessions for small groups
in Amsterdam & other locations

Learn to navigate daily life & blend into local culture!
That is exactly what you will do with our conversation sessions for groups. Meet up with a Flowently tutor and other internationals in town and practice your Dutch speaking skills using real life situations. Doe je mee? Ja, gezellig! En, o ja, neem wel je mobieltje en een notebook mee.

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Improve your speaking skills
& blend into local culture!

  • Meet up in town with your Flowently tutor
  • Bring a friend and/or meet other internationals
  • Learn useful phrases and expressions
  • Practice speaking using a variety of topics
  • Explore hidden gems with your local Flowently tutor!


Program and locations conversation sessions

What can you expect? We will meet up in a café and line out the program of the day over a cup of coffee. From there we’ll go on a walk through one of the gorgeous locations in Amsterdam with our smart phones. During the tour, we will discuss what we see and take photographs of objects, situations, texts, signs etc. In the meantime you can practice your Dutch speaking skills in various situations. Let us take you on a snapshot tour, explore hidden gems, and learn Dutch on the go!

Session 1 – Vondelpark – Practice your social chit-chat
Meeting point: Café ’t Blauwe Theehuis
Learn useful daily life phrases for having basic conversations in the relaxing atmosphere of the Vondelpark. Introduce yourself in Dutch, praten over koetjes en kalfjes, practice small talk. Hoe gaat het met je? Hoe was je dag? Lekker weekend gehad? Learn useful Dutch magic phrases that will help you get around in daily life and share your culture shock.

Session 2 – Waterlooplein – Bargains at the flea market
Meeting point: Café Waterlooplein 77
What will you explore in this tour? Waterlooplein is a large flea market that is part of the old Jewish quarter. Here we find the Portuguese synagogue, where you can attend one of the candlelit concerts at night, the Jewish Museum, Rembrandthuis, Stopera and Hortus. At the flea market you can learn to interact and negotiate with market vendors. A crystal candle holder for €5, wat een koopje! Have fun!

Session 3 – De Jordaan – Specialty stores
Meeting point: Café de Prins bij de Westerkerk
In this beautiful authentic part of Amsterdam we will work on expanding your shopping vocabulary. De Jordaan is very attractive for its variety of small charming specialty stores, such as designer clothes, art galeries, games shops. Learn to ask for products in Dutch and understand shopping conversations. Pick your favourite specialty store, take pictures and describe the items in Dutch. Did you know there is a shop devoted to toothbrushes only?

Session 4 – De Pijp – Culinary tour
Meeting point: Café in de Oranjekerk
Come and explore the lively Pijp neighborhood with me and get a taste of different foreign and Dutch flavors. What is a typical Dutch dish? We’ll explore spice shops, kitchen utensils shops, a Surinam toko, or do you prefer a French butcher, Dutch cheese or vegan shops? Let’s share some recipes and cooking tips over a cup of tea and a stroopwafel, lekker!

Session 5 – EYE Filmmuseum – movies & story telling
Meeting point: Ferry to Buikslotermeer behind Central Station Amsterdam
In the permanent presentation of EYE we discover the past of the moving image and film. What did cinemamachines look like in the past? Choose a subject that you find interesting  and we talk about it in Dutch on the terrace of EYE, overlooking the IJ. (and pronounce the name) Of course we’ll also pick one  of the classic/ cult films that are being shown here to chat about.
Optional: Discuss the possibility of watching a film together another time.
Optional: Next to EYE is the 100 meter high Adam’s Tower, let’s swing!

NB  On a rainy day we’ll stay in the café and have another drink!

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Conversation sessions for groups

5 x 2 hour live sessions in Amsterdam
For min 4 to max 5 students per group
Personal attention, learn what is useful to you
Available for 2 different language levels
Beginner + and Intermediate/Advanced

Meet up with a local Flowently tutor

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Tuesdays 12.00 – 14.00 – Level Beginner + , from A1 to A2
Tuesdays 16.00 – 18.00 – Level Intermediate / Advanced
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June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 4 and more to come…….

€275,- for 5 sessions of 2 hours (vat exempt)
Receive our ‘Dutch on the go’ booklet for free
Excl. drinks and entrance tickets

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